How Checkpoints Can Help Your Business

Using GPS technology within the mobile phone and location services. As a result, the driver can check in to a precise location, fill in any relevant details, upload an image and link all the information to an assigned vehicle. Consequently, allowing the person responsible for fleet management to have a clear record of locations visited by the driver and the assigned vehicle.

Innovative Proof Of Delivery For Your Drivers

Using Checkpoints for proof of delivery allows your field team to signature captures from a customer when a scheduled item has been delivered at a precise location with a time and date stamp that can all be completed within one section in the app and notification emails sent when completed to make customer deliveries simple and traceable.


Benefits Of Using Checkpoints Within Your Business

One of the main reasons to use proof of delivery and work is accountability. These documents exist to prove exactly who is responsible and accountable for each stage of the delivery/attendance. This can help with any possible customer disputes or legal issues.

Proof of delivery and proof of work stating exactly when, where, and by whom the delivery was passed on to its next stage. This makes it easier to go back and trace order/service fulfillment. It functions as a clear indicator of each delivery stage, which makes management far easier.

If you manage deliveries and logistics, then your business understands the importance of carefully monitoring every step of the delivery process. If you have multiple deliveries taking place, keeping track of every step in each delivery process can be incredibly challenging. Proof of delivery and work makes it easier for managers and customers to keep a clear record of the different steps in the operational cycle.

Proof of delievery and work is a vital part of any service/transport operation. 


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