Capital Cleaning Services

Capital Cleaning Services

""RAM Tracking on mobile it is fantastic, the app is just incredibly easy to use.""

Moreland McDiarmid
Managing Director

See Where Your Vehicles Are, Anytime.

"We were looking for a higher visibility of our fleet."

Capital Cleaning Service Case Study

Moreland McDiarmid – Managing Director from Capital Cleaning Service

With Capital Cleaning Services a lot of the features which come as standard meant that measures that wanted to be implemented by the business were all in one place with an easy-to-use system to achieve a successful outcome.

Their business aims to provide a complete tailored service that suits the needs of a business without infringing on their operation.

Moreland said: "We were looking for a higher visibility of our fleet, better logistics and wanted the accuracy of being able to look into different areas." 

He particularly likes the dashboard info, the reports are very good and vehicle checks are fantastic.

Moreland loves that now, if their driver has an accident, there is a process in place, especially with the fact there is voice recording within, and even better, drivers can use their native language to express it better so it can be looked at when they aren’t as shaken up.

This was picked up as they recently had an independent H&S audit, when they got to their vehicles as part of the audit, they absolutely loved it!

Capital also had the peace of mind through having the DVLA Licence Checks as it is a major thing from a compliance point of view.

"It is a fantastic product and has helped massively when it comes to compliance, HMRC and Health and Safety. It’s also been helpful so far and will be helpful in the future fpr providing tangible information perfect for when we are splitting up counties and who goes where as we now know what a job is worth and how much it costs to send someone out, so we can send someone who is closer. We didn’t have this kind of visibility of our fleet before.”

"It’s not about just trying to save money, but also we can properly assess the business with accurate information, which I feel a lot more comfortable doing now."

Moreland was very impressed with the level of local support. "It’s a support team that is close to where we are based and we appreciate that rather than just a call centre based in another country. Additionally, you have a helpdesk as well as support team that quickly answers the phone – a large company with fast response times, but you still talk to an individual."

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