Why should we use Polygon Geofencing

Through the use of a GPS vehicle tracker with polygon geofencing features through the RAM Tracking app, you get a more in-depth understanding of where your mobile workforce are. You even receive notifications when one of your tracked vehicles enters or exits one of these zones.

A red rectangular polygon on the RAM Tracking web app live map

What's a geofence

A Geofence is a way to set up a virtual perimeter on a real-world geographical area. Imagine a real fence, the geofence works in a way to create a separation between two different areas, however, geofencing allows you to track and detect the movement of your mobile devices within this pre-set virtual boundary.

RAM Tracking utilises polygonal geofences, whereas a regular geofence is regularly a circular shape that covers the general area, polygonal geofencing allows you to be more specific in the area you want to cover, as you get to choose the exact area that is covered, regardless of the shape the area is.

Through the use of geofence tracking, you know that your fleet manager will be given a notification only when a vehicle enters or exits the geofenced area.

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RAM Tracking Web App Live Map with how to create a geofence

Is setting up a geofence easy?

When you use RAM Tracking’s system, setting up a geofence couldn’t be easier.

After you have entered the RAM Tracking system, you click on the “geofencing” button at the top, just above the live map. You click “Create Geofence”, name the geofence and you can even create categories to separate what the geofence is required for, and then choose the colour that the geofence will be, another great way to differentiate your geofences from each other.

After this, you click to create your first point, click in each place to continue drawing and then when you click back to your first point, the polygon geofence is completed. Geofencing maps allows you to see all of your geofences on a live map, that updates your vehicles current location, so you can gain insights to your drivers' day as it happens.

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Orange Geofence on the RAM Tracking web app covering Heathrow Airport

Examples of geofencing

How would I utilise geofencing? There are a range of different things that you could geofence that would be a perfect addition to your system allowing you to get fantastic information for when one of your vehicles has entered or exited an area. There are many geofencing use cases, a good number of which will help you in your day-to-day role. Some of our favourites include

  • Your vehicle lot, this allows you to know when a vehicle has left (when a driver has started their shift) and when they park back up (when the driver has finished). Are certain drivers starting late and finishing early? Geofencing is an incredibly powerful tool.
  • Your main office; similarly, you can see if they are arriving on time to the main office when they are meant to be coming into the office. If they are arriving to work late and leaving to go home early, it’s time to find out why.
  • A polygon geofence around ULEZ and CAZ areas, this allows you to understand which of your vehicles are frequently visiting ULEZ and CAZ areas, allowing you to take necessary measures to ensure that they have everything they need to be able to visit these zones.

Geofencing is a fantastic way to not only coach drivers but look after your vehicles with ease.

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Blue car near a red polygon geofence on the RAM Tracking live map. A list of the names of the geofences at the top left.

What is the cost of geofencing?

With RAM Tracking, we want to give you impactful features to allow you to get the most out of your fleet management system.

Using polygonal geofences with RAM Tracking is included in the price of the Core and Plus packages! We wanted to provide our customers with a cheap geofencing option. So, if you are on either of those packages, you have polygonal geofences included for no extra cost.

This allows you to get extra insights, prevent theft, and understand when people are starting and finishing their shifts. Implementing polygon geofencing gives you the extra pieces of information that only comes with adding a feature that tracks your vehicles in such a way - if you try to do it just by using the live map, you don't get notifications and you will have to watch the live map all day.

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A RAM Tracking Geofence Visit Report showing the time that a certain driver arrived and left the site

Invoice for actual hours onsite

Polygon geofences allow you to get precise knowledge of the workday of individual employees, it provides you with a notification when a member of your mobile workforce arrives or leaves a location that has had a polygon geofence placed around it. This allows you to understand who has arrived on site and at what time, as well as what time they have left. 

By running a report which shows you a specific vehicle and the information related to a specific geofence, you can see the exact amount of time they spent at that location over the period of time they were working for. This shows you the number of hours they worked for so you can then give your customer an invoice for the work completed with the exact number of hours being invoiced. 

This helps to reduce the number of disputes that there are at the end of a job. If a customer were to make a complaint about the amount that they have been invoiced, you have accurate data which shows the number of hours that your mobile workforce has been on their site working - this should help to stop any disputes about invoices from customers. 

The more data that you have, the more information you can work with - this ensures that the customer is invoiced correctly and your workforce is paid correctly.

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Gain additional accuracy on your reports as well as receiving immediate notifications whenever a vehicle enters or exits a pre-determined site which allows you to coach your mobile workforce appropriately.

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