Managing jobs with limited resources

Managing facilities and maintenance jobs with ease.

Facilities and maintenance have to meet customers’ heavy expectations of efficient services sometimes using limited resources. Facility managers have to manage times and costs, keep accurate records, and have the right tools to deliver services. They have to schedule, process, and complete many jobs simultaneously and can be prone to errors which hampers daily operations. Moreover, they’re always required to be on their toes and one step ahead to ensure they can quickly address potential problems and control costs. 


Tackling such enormous challenges on a daily basis can take up a lot of time for facility managers. They should be proactive and intentional in solving maintenance issues, which can be achieved using robust facilities management job management software. Taking control of scheduling and managing busy maintenance work orders using cutting-edge and automated capabilities can help deliver beyond customers’ expectations. 


Senior maintenance manager checking the system on his job sheet

Address maintenance issues without any delay

Our job management platform provides the field team with job information quickly in an organised way, helping them to be in charge of the site and make rational decisions. 

Easily arrange jobs

Whenever a customer query comes in, you can instantly schedule and assign jobs to the field team, this will then be available for them on their mobile app.

  • Schedule and move jobs using our easy-to-use job management dashboard.

  • Communicate seamlessly with your field team and provide immediate updates.

  • Monitor the status of each job with the tracking feature in the mobile app.

  • Streamline workload and offer the highest level of customer service.

Deal with problems quickly

Failures are unexpected, but customers demand emergency services, which you can quickly respond with Job Assist

  • The field team can log failure details in real-time using the mobile app.

  • Facility managers can track job status and communicate the best course of action to field workers.

  • Keep track of warranty dates, history, and other failure issues.

  • By using RAM Tracking alongside Job Assist, you can send the nearest mobile worker to site by using GPS

plumbing section of the parts team dealing with requests

Overcome ageing equipment and facilities

The industry’s success relies on regular maintenance, which can be difficult with a vast customer base. 

  • Set routine preventive maintenance schedules and automatically assign jobs to field workers.

  • Receive reminders and alerts on maintenance schedules, so you never miss the appointment.

  • Improve asset life and minimise its maintenance costs.

  • Field workers can update equipment health from the site and check related work history through the app.

Loop in customers

Our platform’s customer portal lets your customers know about their facilities and maintenance progress.

  • Give customers the liberty to view job updates and communicate with them in real-time.

  • Provide preventive maintenance contracts and schedule notifications at their fingertips.

  • Send them invoices and get approvals on the site itself.



Facilities worker checking the HVAC system

Maximise resources by effectively managing time

Safety and security compliance

Field workers can access and fulfil compliance-related regulations from the mobile app and reduce their admin workload.

  • Get access to safety checklists and workflows from the app to ensure tasks are performed correctly.

  • Create workflows such as job sheets, safety reports, and site surveys from our embedded form builder.

Easy accessibility

Our solution is accessible from any device, and the field worker mobile app works on iOS and Android. 


Facilities manager in the building dealing with the heating fix in his job sheets list.

Happy customers

Preventive maintenance ensures equipment and facilities are running properly, keeping customers satisfied and stress-free.

Organised workflows

Our central database neatly stores customer data and job histories, keeping your teams always prepared

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Seamless integration

Easily integrate our platform into leading software or your existing RAM Tracking solutions


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