An ultra-demanding industry with a multitude of changes

Electrical services form the most vital resources for our society serving different businesses from residential, commercial projects and transportation to hospitals and IT. Electricians have to tackle complex situations including: equipment failure and damage, schedule changes, facility downtime, lack of right tools, budget overruns, and even working in extreme environments. Electrical work is demanding, and customers’ expectations of excellent work on short notice make it more challenging. 

Every minute is crucial as delays can result in a loss of money for your customers. Electrical service providers need a reliable solution to help engineers deliver prompt services, take care of parts and equipment, raise invoices and communicate with customers anytime.

An electrician working on a job assigned to him by his job management software

Flexible functionality to boost your electrical business

Our job management platform empowers electricians to do a lot more, ensure continuity of work in multiple locations with ease, and streamline field operations.

Scheduling and dispatch

Electrical contractors can save their slim margins and avoid hurting the bottom line with our easy-to-use job scheduling solution.

  • View the status and location of each engineer in real-time and schedule jobs with a few clicks.

  • Dispatch the nearest engineer to the job and get jobs done faster.

  • Break down into job details and modify team members easily.

  • Plan preventive maintenance schedules for different customer sites. 

  • Reorganise jobs in seconds and fix last-minute calls-out.

Real-time updates and notifications

Irrespective of the size and location of the team, Job Assist keeps everyone together under one platform and enhances communication.

  • Send real-time alerts and notifications to engineers in the field which they receive on their mobile apps.

  • Make changes quickly based on the requirement - if a job is running late, you can ensure that all jobs in the day are still completed through job tracking.

  • Collect and store information, stock details, documents, invoices, and much more in our central system. 

Electrician at a construction build putting in some cabling.

Flexible mobile app

Empowering engineers in the field with our best-in-class mobile app helps to accelerate the job completion process.

  • Get all details regarding the job on the app and get notified when a job is assigned. 

  • View and update the job sheet on-the-fly, avoiding the paper-based approach.

  • Custom job sheets enable engineers to capture the correct data about jobs and costs.

  • The entire team can be in sync, minimising delay and budget overruns. 

  • Complete forms and mandatory risk assessments in the field through the app.

Faster quoting and invoicing

Engineering contractors can speed up the process of invoicing by automatically scheduling invoices directly to their customers via email. 

  • Create branded, customisable invoice templates for faster creation of invoices.

  • Engineers can approve the invoices with customers in the field or through the customer portal.

  • Reduce admin headaches by consolidating completed jobs together and raising a single invoice.

  • Use historical data and plan accurate project estimates.


Electrician testing an MCB as part og his job list supplied from the software

Meet customer expectations and build brand loyalty

Easy accessibility

Our solution is accessible from any device, and the field worker mobile app works on iOS and Android. 

Leading tracking solution provider

RAM Tracking is a leading tracking solution provider in the UK, serving 35,000+ businesses across the globe

Electrician on his job management app- updating a job

A powerful product

Our job management software gives you full control and is easy to use alongside other RAM Tracking products

Fix issues quickly

Having the right electrical parts on hand helps electricians eliminate the guesswork and fix issues quickly.

Optimise and increase productivity

Job Assist mobile app enables engineers to do more in less time, maximising productivity and saving payroll expenses


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