Running and managing a service business can be pretty challenging

Operating a service business is all hands on deck as it involves not just scheduling jobs but also overseeing each worker’s productivity, coordinating multiple tasks simultaneously, and ensuring everything is documented correctly. If these tasks are not appropriately managed, service providers can deliver poor service and hamper their brand reputation. Manually performing these tasks is time-consuming as well as prone to error if work is overloaded. It’s time to adopt an advanced and automated job management solution!

Service manager checking over his jobs currently in progress

Deliver services smartly and efficiently

Our job management platform offers a holistic picture of what’s happening on the ground, streamlining the entire service management experience.

Schedule jobs

Job Assist can help you schedule jobs in seconds. Using our all-in-one system, all you need to do is log in, check your field worker’s availability, and schedule jobs. The field workers will get all job information and updates on the mobile app.

Track field operations

Say goodbye to long phone calls to track field operations; our platform does it for you. Create and edit timesheets on the go, view and add comments, and track the progress of each job. Likewise, the field team can input time and costs on-the-go.

Reduce admin headache

Eliminate the use of paper, whiteboards, and multiple systems and save time on administrative processes. Our cloud-based system empowers digital and customised job sheets, making collecting and storing job data simple and error-free.

Service operator dealing with a customer on the phone who needs a job booked into the system

Smart and faster approvals

As data information can be viewed by everyone, managers and stakeholders can validate and approve workflows in real-time and ensure each job progress is on-track or take steps to reduce inefficiencies.

Oversee employee productivity

All of your information within Job Assist is held in a centralised location, allowing everyone within your business to access information when required. Job Assist works seamlessly alongside our GPS tracking solution, RAM Tracking, you can measure their productivity in real-time along with their whereabouts.

Highly valuable customer service

Get customer approvals on the field, quickly create invoices, get paid faster, and offer more data transparency to customers with our platform. Ultimately, it enhances delivery operations and ensures the highest level of customer service.


Woman chatting to the service team and scheduling job in the system

Bolster significant growth in your service business

Save time and resources

Our platform is easy to use and intuitive, helping you perform all tasks with just a click of a button, saving time and resources for service managers.

Cloud-based platform

Job Assist is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that ensures data is stored properly and securely, speeding up different processes.

Seamlessly works with our system

Our platform works alongside your existing RAM Vehicle Tracking solution seamlessly

Team discussing jobs to be assigned to the team in the job management software

Improved productivity

Job Assist helps improve the overall productivity of field workers and service managers.

Exceed clients’ expectations

Timely deliveries and transparency can strengthen your customer bond and maintain life-long relationships.

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