ASB Delivery Services Limited

ASB Delivery Services Limited

"Having live cameras opened our eyes to driver behaviour which was soon fixed "

Alex Bailo

Dash Cam benefits are clear for getting claims resolved quickly

ASB specialise in large items being delivered, including furniture, so being able to update customers on the whereabouts of their items meant they had peace of mind about the delivery schedule for their purchases. This also had a positive impact working for other businesses delivering their goods week in, week out that the service was always excellent. 

Alex first approached RAM when they realised their existing system was too basic and did not offer the benefits a more comprehensive system could give. Once shown just a handful of the 25+ reports that RAM Tracking's system had to offer, Alex knew the software was going to make a significant impact on his business.

"It was a real game changer and the 3 reports we find the most helpful to the business are the Driver Behaviour Report, the Idling Report and Financial Reporting."

  • The driver behaviour report is very useful, especially when carrying delicate large items, if the vans are braking harshly or swerving erratically this can lead to items breaking and customer disputes. So, finding out that drivers were not driving carefully allowed us to retrain and educate them on the importance of looking after both the vehicle and the contents. Alex set up automatic notifications when vehicles go over the speed limits
  • The idling report was initially used by the business to ensure drivers were making timely location visits as expected by those receiving ETAs for deliveries on that day. It shows when the vehicle is not being productive or is genuinely stuck in heavy traffic but it also highlights those taking extended breaks over and beyond what was expected which meant that more deliveries were then being done each day after reminding drivers how long they should have for breaks and to switch off engines when stationary.
  • Financial reporting takes the data collected by time stamping when drivers submit hours they were delivering, this comes with other information like hourly rates to calculate the cost of jobs. This saves admin a lot of time when invoicing clients as the data is very concise and exact, especially for ASB where a large item needs more time to be delivered with a white glove service like theirs. Using additional features like Evidence Checks can also mean work can be signed off instantly not just for goods received but any job completed that can also include photographic evidence as well as digital signatures.

Alex took advantage of the combination deals that we offer and chose to also equip vehicles with dash cams at the same time. Initially, the business took out the budget-friendly SD Dash Cams which have a card that stores data in the housing of the dash cam itself. These came into their own when one of the vans was involved in an incident where both drivers claimed it was not their fault. " The evidence from the dash cam made the difference when speaking to the insurance companies to resolve the situation," said Alex. "Not only did submitting the video footage mean the claim was in our favour, but the speed it was dealt with was so quick!" The damage was quite significant so the vehicle needed replacing. The insurance company replaced the cost of the vehicle within 2 weeks.  

The business then discovered that RAM also offers live cameras which can stream footage from both a road focus and internally towards the drivers. "We installed live cams because we were told the drivers were not wearing the correct uniform including high vis attire which is a requirement." What then came to light was quite an eye-opener for the business as they also discovered drivers being distracted at the wheel with most of them using mobile phones whilst driving. Training was swiftly introduced and stern penalties for using phones moving forward from the discovery.

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