CK Rail Solutions Ltd

CK Rail Solutions Ltd

"We are saving 25-30 hours a week in reporting and £50,000 a year in fuel savings."

Mick Quigley
Road Rail Development Manager

This System Is Perfect For Our Needs

Mick discovered RAM Tracking initially through another business which was then acquired by CK Rail. There was another system in place there but it was soon apparent that their existing system couldn't provide them with what they wanted. "The basic tracking in place was only able to track vehicles on a map which fell far short of what we needed and our clients required." Because CK Rail had strict KPIs in place and needed the transparency for Network Rail to also see reporting and evidence, RAM Tracking was the perfect system to cover all aspects of what was required.

Time Sensitive

  • They needed proof that they were able to get to the issues to assess them within 2 hours of notification and repair them in 12 hours. The time stamp evidence gave them proof of when they had visited the area and how long was spent fixing the problems and the evidence checks mean they can upload images of the finished work when completed too.

Admin Saving

  • Network Rail required reporting around the work so it was great to see how all the information they needed was already available as a report which could be automated and sent on a weekly basis as a travel report and green report to be emissions compliant. They now save 25-30 hours a week overall just in reporting.


  • The Daily Check within the app for the drivers means that CK Rail are abiding by the requirements of both our customers and government regulations. The team does a lot of mileage too so they use the notifications and reports to get the vehicle in for service with minimum disruption and when a fault is logged. By introducing this report they have saved over 50 hours a month in vehicles in unscheduled off-road time which impacts on their ability to maintain the speed to reach jobs on time.

Fuel Savings

  • The fuel cards from bp have saved the business £50,000 a year alone (that's £104 per vehicle per month which more than pays for the system several times over) which of course was a factor in choosing RAM too. RAM Tracking offer an exclusive free discount card with our fuel partner available at 10p a litre when the Plus package is selected.

Driver Safety

  • CK Rail opted for DVLA checks to run on drivers which is both time-saving for admin and great for peace of mind on driver's licence statuses.
  • They use the behaviour report which is also sent to HR to monitor how well the staff are driving with warnings and potential dismissal if speeding and erratic driving persists. This has cleaned up driver performance and CK Rail can see from the fuel consumption the benefit of getting drivers to improve their habits.

Timely Reminders

  • With so many vehicles to manage and vehicles doing up to 40,000 miles a year, the automated reminders on servicing and MOT make the job so easy to manage and schedule the vehicles with minimum time wasted.

Service Excellence

  • "We call the customer service team regularly for support and everyone who we speak to has been able to help us every time, the customer service team are brilliant." Not only do RAM Tracking provide the best value for money in return for our software but we pride ourselves on being the only UK tracking company to have a three-star exceptional rating from Investor In Customers (IIC).







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