Ecomotive Logistics

Ecomotive Logistics

"The mobile app is very good for our drivers, it is just a very useful, reliable app."

Owen Jackson
Logistics Director

Vehicle Compliance For Business

“We are saving money in the long run”

Ecomotive Logistics moves 38,000 cars a year all over the country. After launching in 2014 quickly realised they were joining a competitive market and knew they had to offer industry-leading standards of performance in vehicle delivery for not only their customers but the customers of their customers.

As they began getting larger, they realised that they needed tracking capabilities for legislative reasons as well as health and safety benefits for their business. They realised that everything was being done on paper and wanted to make the move to digital measures and they wanted to have customisable vehicle checks available.

After searching around for vehicle trackers, RAM Tracking were an option high up online and Ecomotive asked RAM Tracking to come and talk to them. RAM Tracking visited Ecomotive to show them all that was on offer through the use of our trackers. Ecomotive realised we were the best fit for them.

RAM Assist was the cherry on top. It was seen as such a beneficial tool for Ecomotive, it was seen as such a large benefit to Ecomotive as a business that they use RAM Assist the most.

Ecomotive were looking for something to aid them with their Health and Safety, and that’s exactly what they use RAM Assist for. They find that RAM Assist’s mobile app is a very smooth addition to their workforce. Allowing them to save money in the long run as they have moved away from being paper-based.

When asked about the fleet tracking capabilities, Owen told RAM Tracking:

“RAM Tracking is a good tool to know where people are, there are so many features that I utilise. At the end of each day, I always generate a report for the number of hours driven, how long a driver was stopped for and I add it all to an internal spreadsheet. If you have a fleet, it’s just a very useful tool.”

RAM Assist has been a favourite for Ecomotive Logistics, really changing how they worked: “Our drivers use the mobile app frequently and we have found it is just a very useful, reliable app for what we were looking for”.

The key features used to aid a paperless admin approached, maintain complance and streamline admin efficiences are:

  • Vehicle Check submissions - this can also be set as an alert if drivers are not completing these on time.
  • Accident and Breakdown Reporting - stay up-to-date and arrange recovery quicker via notifications.
  • Checkpoints for proof of attendance and calculating invoices for time onsite.
  • Expense and fuel receipt uploads - great for avoiding lost or damaged receipts for admin.
  • Mileage logs - quickest way to see how far drivers have travelled.


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