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"The utilisation of Job Assist means around 500+ jobs per week will be processed."

John Kelvey
Logistics Supervisor

The workings of Job Assist are straightforward, user friendly and clear.

“Efficient, user friendly and informative”

Matrix Tooling is a company that provides not only the latest tools from leasing suppliers but also offers vending solutions, will develop engineered solutions as well as a tooling consultancy from their experienced team of engineers. We talked with John Kelvey, the Logistics Supervisor at Matrix Tooling, who has been utilising our Job Assist system to help with their job management. Job Assist is RAM Tracking’s job management system that allows you to use a drag-and-drop calendar to help ensure that your mobile workforce knows exactly where they need to be and what time they need to be there. John shares his experiences with Job Assist here:

Well, we found out about Job Assist by being an existing RAM Tracking customer, they approached us asking if we would like to take part in a Beta test of the Job Assist system. This was something that we were happy to do, as our previous way of managing jobs beforehand was entirely on paper.

We knew that we had to do something, and so when we found that Job Assist suited our operations, methods, and business ethos, we jumped in. We very quickly found that the workings of Job Assist were incredibly straightforward, user-friendly, and clear all whilst providing Matrix Tooling with an excellent level of information as an end result. Which we, of course, are delighted to see.

We found ourselves using the jobs section within Job Assist which was used as Matrix Tooling’s EPOD (Electric Proof of Delivery) system. We found ourselves using Job Assist’s Templated jobs most. This is because the field team can create a detailed job sheet within the mobile app allowing them to fill out the pre-determined field to collect all of the most important details. Once the job is completed, it will be instantly submitted to the management team.

The drivers who were using Job Assist as part of the Beta test have found it to be very good whilst they have been using it out in the field. Additionally, we estimate that through the utilisation of Job Assist around 500+ jobs per week will be processed.

We do use Custom Sheets, we found it quite easy to begin using once we took some time to understand the language/wording. But overall, the Job Assist system is a very easy system to use. The ease of use of the system is actually the thing that we like most about Job Assist.

Overall, we have found the Job Assist system to be a very efficient, user-friendly, and informative method of performing the role of an app-based EPOD system, which for Matrix Tooling, is the primary requirement for a system of this type.


Thanks to John Kelvey and the Matrix Tooling team. To find out more about the Job Assist system, contact our team on 0333 3230 233 or email

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