On The Move Removals Ltd t/a A1 On The Move

On The Move Removals Ltd t/a A1 On The Move

"We are really happy with RAM Tracking's service all round."

John Greening

The Dash Cams Have Been Invaluable

What initially was an exercise in getting drivers to behave turned into so much more for the team at A1 Removals & Storage in Sussex. The business was becoming increasingly frustrated with drivers using mobile phones whilst driving, an offence in itself that can bring:

  • Minimum of £200 fine and 3 points on your licence.
  • Licence revocation if passed within 2 yrs.
  • Maximum fine of £1000 (£2,500 if driving a lorry or bus)

Despite receiving numerous emails and warnings, staff continued to drive distracted, misusing their phones at the wheel, so it was decided that vehicles would have external and internal facing cameras put in place.

"The change in behaviour was instant," said John. "The bad habits that came due to them being distracted were rife but have now stopped and we have seen a huge improvement in general with how well the vehicles are now being driven".

Over the 2 years of owning dash cams, they have seen, across 3 separate incidents, an interesting pattern of drivers in other vehicles contesting their innocence when prangs have taken place.

"Without the evidence and proof of the video footage, it would have been difficult to lay blame on the incidents that took place and we could have been in a situation where we'd have had to share the blame."

John has confidence now that drivers are behaving and feel supported, in addition, that they are being listened to if the vehicles need attention. He is a big advocate of the features of our Plus package which they use all the time.

Legally their trucks need to adhere to the law for vehicle checks being over 3.5t but they have also found that time and effort have been saved when vehicles are scheduled for repair avoiding potential breakdowns.

"I also like it when the system automatically reminds us when the insurance, tax and MOTs are due."

"Customers are often asking us how long are the team going to be or when they are going to arrive so with the tracking in place we can accurately say, which keeps customers happy".

It's also possible to give a liveshare view to customers within the tracking system if location and time sensitivity are paramount.

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