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Rilmac Group

"Every manager at Rilmac has the App on their Smartphones"

Steve Scawthon
Fleet Manager

The user friendliness of this system makes it a good value product

Steve Scawthon of Rilmac came to RAM Tracking with a large fleet of vehicles that were regularly in active service. The Rilmac Group consists of various companies for scaffolding, asbestos removal, insulation and steel fabrication services. As such, the Rilmac fleet is regularly across the country and employees were using their vehicles at all times of the day.

Rilmac wanted to find a way to track their vehicles so they could know where and when their teams were on or off site, or even just about to arrive. Despite the vehicle tracking industry being a fiercely competitive arena, Rilmac opted for RAM Tracking as their vehicle tracking solutions because of its ease of use and value for money. “Whilst there are other tracker providers in the market, the user friendliness of this system makes it a good value product that suits what we do”

Live GPS Tracking

Rilmac took advantage of RAM Tracking’s easy-to-use user interface to track all of their vehicles nationwide. Within seconds, their fleet manager could search and locate any vehicle in their fleet. This proved hugely advantageous for Rilmac as they could ensure that drivers were arriving on-time to customer locations and could also better dispatch teams to last-minute nearby jobs.

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