Vendcare Limited

Vendcare Limited

"RAM Tracking is very easy to use, and within one click, you get what you need."

Jonathan Miller
Operations Director

Affordable Vehicle Tracking

“We were looking to provide security for our fleet of vehicles and RAM Tracking was a very reasonable price.”

Vendcare has operated for over 30 years and within this time has built an established client base that relies on their services to assist in the smooth running of their business. From technical services to remedial works and construction, they ensure an efficiently managed project from start to finish.

Vendcare limited were looking into providing additional security for their fleet of vehicles, but also, they had been told by their insurance company that they could get savings on their insurance through having vehicle trackers. So, after searching for vehicle trackers, they found RAM Tracking, which they decided to go with after seeing that the cost was reasonable for what they got from it.

RAM Tracking supplied Vendcare Limited with exactly what they were looking for as they are still using their vehicle tracking software primarily for the security of their fleet.

They are only just beginning to get into everything that the RAM Tracking app is capable of. Very recently they tracked the mileage of a job which was useful for them to do this time as the fuel costs turned out to be very high – “It was good to know exactly where the money was going.”

Jonathan said that he found the mobile app version of the tracking software is his preferred method of keeping an eye on the fleet because of just how easy it was to use wherever you are.

His favourite thing about RAM Tracking was the fact that it is incredibly easy to use, by pressing one button, you get exactly what you wanted. You go where you need to go. The fact the mobile app is intuitive helps him to ensure that his vehicles are safe.

The main ways they found savings were in some key reports which include:

  • Travel Report - Gives the start and stop information per journey, the time taken, distance travelled, the time at each stop, idling and average speeds.
  • Driver Behaviour Report - Lists the drivers and thier vehicles for the selected period selected with a points scoring based on events to highlight the best and worst drivers toimprove fuel savings:
    • Speeding.
    • Harsh accelerating.
    • Harsh braking.

Customers save on average £300 tracking per vehicle per month and when you consider the discount fuel cards, its possible that the tracking could be subsidised to effectively no cost against the fuel discount!

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