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What is automated reporting?

RAM Tracking is an online system meaning that every mile, movement and expense can be recorded into the cloud, ready to be extracted at a moment’s notice. Another key benefit of our vehicle tracking system over competitors is that the RAM Tracking system provides automated reporting.

Automated vehicle reports are exactly what the name suggests – all of your daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly vehicle tracking reports can be created in a second. Thousands of lines of vehicle data can be analysed and compiled into a neat and tidy document, filtered by date, driver, vehicle or location.

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The benefits of automated reporting?

There are numerous benefits of automated reporting, including:

Automated gps tracking reports reduce time and limit room for error. Our vehicle tracking reporting system creates reports automatically generated based on the user’s criteria which means that there is significantly less time spent on general admin. This saved time can instead be spent on analysing the data and carrying our actions found from the insights.

Many businesses will often be required to very quickly compile detailed and accurate data for the likes of HMRC to show they are properly auditing and reporting on their fleet. Our HMRC Guide provides advice and tips for staying on the right lines.  Our system allows users to automate fleet tracking reports and show this auditing process in a matter of seconds.

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Key Features


Our reports provide you with a detailed overview of the costs associated with a job, accounting for labour costs and fuel expenses.


Identify offenders and use historic speeding data as part of training processes, warnings or employee dismissals.


Customers can use our timesheet reports to see when vehicles have arrived and departed from jobs/on-site.


Identify unnecessary instances where the engine in your vehicles has been on but the vehicle hasn’t been moving.

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