Local Authority

RAM Tracking are increasingly helping UK local authorities and governments with their fleet management by providing them with valuable vehicle tracking data and our GPS vehicle trackers. Our vehicle tracking for local authorities helps them to make better financial decisions, ensure driver safety and can even help demonstrate how the local authority is committed to reducing carbon emissions across their fleet. Our guide to going green to secure growth has lots of hints and tips to help businesses. 

A truck is emptying the contents of the back and in the top left of the image there is the route replay from the RAM Tracking App

Business benefits of vehicle tracking to local authorities

Installation of our vehicle tracking devices is undertaken at your premises at a time and date of your choosing to avoid any disruption to operations to help manage your local fleet. The benefits of employing our trackers across vans, cars and trucks include;

  • Reduced fuel costs

  • Improved driver safety

  • Improved route planning & driving efficiency

  • Reduction in engine idling to reduce carbon emissions

  • Proof of work/timesheet verification

  • Reminders for vehicle maintenance e.g. MOT - you can also utilise our Fleet Management App - RAM Assist for scheduled reminders 

Key Features

Fleet Management

The easy-to-use interface works on both mobile apps and desktops to provide all the information needed to monitor a large fleet.

Driver Behaviour

Our software reports on how the vehicle is being driven, including speeding, time spent driving and route planning.

Monitor Overtime

With the tracking system, local authorities can accurately track when vehicles leave a premises and when they return.

Asset Recovery

In the event a vehicle is stolen, you can immediately locate the vehicle and pass on live real-time data to the police to retrieve it.

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