Tracking for rental and leasing companies

Utilising our vehicle trackers across cars, vans, trucks and lorries for rental and leasing companies is a great way of providing peace of mind as well as managing a large fleet. Installing our award-winning tracking for lease vehicles can have multiple business benefits including; improved driver safety, reminders for maintenance, regulation and duty of care of vehicles and protecting residual value of vehicles.

Key Features

Vehicle Location

Immediately locate a vehicle with pinpoint accuracy in a matter of seconds. Manage, monitor and measure the usage of a fleet easily.

Driver Reports

Powerful automated reporting can protect against damaging driving behaviour that could reduce the residual value of the vehicle.

Mileage Usage

Accurate vehicle mileage reports remind the driver/customer of any mileage limits that were agreed upon as part of the contract.


Record, notify and contact the appropriate contact with automated alerts in the event of any breaches in the agreement.

Male and female employees from Academy Leasing are stood in front of a car in front of their office - in the top right of the image there is a slider option to turn Private Mileage on or off

Academy Leasing and monitoring private/business mileage

As one of the industry’s leading providers of vehicle finance, Academy Leasing have been active since 1987 and came to RAM Tracking looking for a solution. Academy Leasing’s Operations Manager, Michelle Taylor, wanted to track their vehicles and ensure that leasing agreements weren’t being breached. Monitoring vehicles for private mileage use meant that residual value was protected and the business could resell the vehicle in the future.

Using our vehicle tracking devices Academy Leasing were able to generate accurate mileage reports to ensure there were no out-of-office hours usage. Automatic speeding alerts were also set up in the RAM Tracking dashboard to ensure no drivers brought harm to themselves or the vehicles.

“Due to the nature of our business it is paramount we are able to separate business and private mileage. Since installing RAM Tracking our sales team are no longer required to complete mileage logs as the RAM platform keeps an accurate record of this for us, resulting in a time saving across our entire workforce.”

To find out more about how we helped Academy Leasing employ vehicle tracking take a look at their case study page.

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