Service and Maintenance

There are huge benefits in tracking service sector vehicles such as cars, trucks and lorries that can help the business save money. Identifying occurrences of engine idling can reduce fuel costs, plotting more fuel efficiency routes can reduce wastage and driver dispatch to the nearest job can improve customer satisfaction.

A truck with a red container is exiting a tunnel and a truck with a blue container is entering the truck. In the top left of the image there is information about the driver and their driving, stopped and idle time as well as this time in total

Benefits for service sector companies

Utilising vehicle tracking in the service sector can bring multiple business benefits that have a real impact on not just your bottom line but staff morale, vehicle maintenance and improved customer service. Examples of key benefits include;

  • Reduced fuel costs

  • Increased productivity from drivers

  • More optimum route planning

  • More efficient driver dispatch

  • Asset management alerts (e.g. MOT renewal alerts)

  • Timesheet verification

  • Improved driver safety

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Three orange trucks are parked next to each other in a warehouse and in the bottom right there is a bar chart showing the scale up growth

Scaling with business growth

Many of RAM Tracking’s customers are service sector companies that have experienced fantastic growth in the last few years. However, with growth comes new problems – such as growing a fleet of vehicles and managing them. 

Tiger Scaffolding needed a vehicle tracking solution to help increase the speed to which they could communicate with scaffolders and dispatch them to nearby jobs. After a short demonstration of the RAM Tracking fleet management system, Tiger Scaffolding were sold by the friendly customer service and impressive but easy-to-use technology.

“RAM has so many different features that just work so well for us. We like being able to see the whole fleet in one place, as well as tracking our driver’s routes; we now advise them on more efficient ones. Which has helped us to get to jobs even quicker as well as save on time and costs when it comes to fuel consumption.”

Read more about how RAM Tracking helped a rapidly expanding service sector company like Tiger Scaffolding in our full vehicle tracking case study.

Key Features

Driver Dispatch

Use the RAM Tracking mobile app or desktop to accurately pinpoint any fleet vehicle location at a given time and immediately react to emergency or urgent jobs.

Route Planning

Historical driver data can identify more efficient routes for drivers between jobs. By plotting new routes against speed data, the business could avoid delays and reduce fuel costs.

Safety & Speeding

Report generation allows businesses to easily create reports on the fastest drivers, any speeding instances and when a driver has been in the vehicle too long.

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