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"We saw an immediate 15% reduction in fuel costs’"

Judith Fahey
Fleet Manager

"We saw an immediate 15% reduction in fuel costs’"

Founded in 1986 by John Mills, JML has grown to become a household name and global operation. As one of the nation’s favourite brands, JML offers a diverse product range which can be found on the high street and in many of the big retailers throughout the UK and Ireland. RAM trackers were installed on JML’s fleet of 128 vehicles in March 2009. We asked Judith Fahey, Fleet Manager at JML for her comments on why she chose RAM and the benefits to her company.

"We saw an immediate 15% reduction in fuel expenditure"

Our fleet consists of everything from BMW 6 series to Citroen Dispatch’s. We had a number of vehicles stolen, with one never being recovered. It was this that made us think about the benefits tracking might bring. The system was well sold and it was clear that it was user friendly and simple yet effective. We installed RAM on our entire fleet to ensure we got the maximum benefit straight away. Another concern was speeding, which also naturally turned our attention to fuel consumption and monitoring private usage. As a result we saw an instant 15% drop in fuel expenditure and across our large fleet that really does add up!

"We love the RAM Tracking reporting functions"

We love the RAM Tracking reports and the ability to see exactly what our team are doing. It takes no time at all, I can see if they’re idling, when and how long they’ve stopped for, whether they’ve had a lunch break and if they’ve been home. Using the reports I like to check on the drivers speeds, driving style and if there have been any instances of idling. We take excessive speeding very seriously and we encourage drivers to ensure they avoid idling by switching off their ignition. We want to keep the associated costs as low as possible, as well as doing our bit for the environment.

"I don’t know how we coped before installing RAM"

When I think back to when we didn’t have tracking I wonder how we coped before! We must have been crazy, my advice to companies with a fleet of vehicles is that you have to be tracked. We’re well looked after at RAM, the service is brilliant and they know and understand our operation. I wouldn’t hesitate to award them five stars.

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