By RAM Tracking on 11 Oct 2018

Here at RAM Tracking we understand that looking for new technology can be confusing with the vast amount of information from different companies providing different products and services. When it comes to dash cams, we know what works - that’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 vital dash cam features you should look for when shopping around for your dash cam, to ensure you find the right dash cam for your fleet management:

1. Clear and high-quality video footage:

The video footage of the camera must be clear enough to ensure you can clearly see any incidents that may occur and provide this as video evidence. The recommended clarity for the video should be 1080P full HD quality at 30fps. Along with the quality of the picture, the angle that is presented by the camera is key. Ideally you should be looking for a wide angled vision field with 140- degree ultra-wide viewing technology.

2. Automatic Recording:

Automatic recording is another vital benefit that will ensure you get maximum benefit from your dash cam. The camera should automatically start recording once the engine has been turned on to ensure you never miss an incident on the road. This little feature could be the difference between thousands of pounds in insurance claims.

3. GPS

When Global Positioning Tracking (GPS) is incorporated into a dash cam, it enables the unit to measure the precise location and speed of travel. This can help massively should an incident occur as it provides both location and video footage evidence both during and prior to the incident. Various dash cams for business purposes, such as our live streaming dash cam - RAM Live, use GPS to allow fleet managers to physically view their drivers location on a online dashboard.

4. Loop recording

All dash cams have what is known as loop recording functionality meaning that the camera will record until its memory card is full, and then begin to record new videos over the oldest files. This means that uneventful video clips don't clog up memory space which allows the camera to continue recording for significant periods of time without the need to clear old files from the memory card. In the event of an incident, which many lloop recording dash cams will recognise this, the video file created at that time will be automatically locked, meaning that the loop recording mechanism won't overwrite it. 

5. Sturdy mounts and well fitting  

Having a well fitted and positioned dash cam is vital when it comes to purchasing a dash cam. Not only because you want the dash cam to be secure whilst driving, but also because If police decide that it’s positioned unsafely you could be in for a fine. Also, footage recorded on it could be rendered inadmissible in court causing further problems. If you’re a business looking for a fleet of dash cams some providers will also fit and install your dashcams in line with industry regulations. Here at RAM Tracking our experienced and qualified engineers install all our dash cams at no extra cost!

To find out more information about the dash cams we provide at RAM Tracking – including our live steaming dash cam, RAM Live - please contact our customer service team or visit our website here.

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