By RAM Tracking on 14 Nov 2022

Benefits of Cleaning Fleet Tracking for the Cleaning Industry

By RAM Tracking on 14 Nov 2022

Cleaning and sanitation have become essential aspects of our daily lives. After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene and cleaning received limelight and significance like never before. But, these business trends have put a heavy burden on the cleaning staff–doing more with fewer resources. Additionally, the industry is highly saturated, compelling cleaning companies to offer affordable cleaning contracts whilst maintaining a high quality of service.

However, service providers can rely on a cleaning tracker to stand out from the rest to effectively offer the best services. From tracking cleaning jobs and staff scheduling to quoting invoices and managing clients, cleaning fleet tracking helps you to run a well-organised and competitive business.

Efficient Scheduling and Live Tracking

Both homeowners and commercial units demand fast and professional cleaning services.

Cleaning companies work hard to cover all the jobs that come in every day. The best way to achieve this is by properly scheduling and assigning jobs to their field workers. Using spreadsheets and post-it notes can cause a lot of errors. Like giving the same work to two teams, forgetting to assign jobs, or sending workers to the wrong location.

But a cleaning fleet tracking system helps to assign jobs effectively with just a few clicks. The system checks cleaners’ availability, schedule, and current job status and helps managers assign them jobs. Cleaning employee time tracking features help you to track their location and monitor their workload in real-time, keeping everyone updated on job status. Through visible logs and notifications on upcoming work, managers never miss out on anything. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and improve cleaners’ productivity and customer service.

Our cleaning job management software helps to streamline preventive cleaning schedules, assign jobs accordingly, offer timely services, all whilst boosting customer satisfaction.

Vehicle and Equipment Tracking

Once jobs are scheduled and assigned, managers must check that the cleaning team has reached the job site on time. Extreme weather conditions, traffic, or roadblocks can cause delays and affect customer service. But managers can see the vehicle’s location as well as the time spent on each job site in real-time with cleaning vehicle tracking.

Cleaning vehicle tracking enables managers to set optimised routes which will help the field team avoid congestion. This will help your cleaners to reach customers in the shortest time, saving fuel costs by taking the shortest routes.

Further, cleaning productivity tracking provides insights into engine idling, inefficient routes, driving behaviour, and vehicle health, helping cleaning companies reduce unnecessary downtime and unexpected repair costs. Running well-maintained vehicles improves fuel efficiency and saves operational expenses.

Further, the cleaning team has to carry different equipment depending on the nature of the work, like cleaning pads, sanitization devices, steam power, etc. However, not having the right equipment can bring the work to a halt, leading customers to get a poor impression of the company.

Cleaning asset tracking provides accurate whereabouts of equipment, usage, and availability, and service providers can get clear visibility into the stock supplies and better manage the inventory. Asset tracking for cleaners saves valuable time in finding tools, accelerates dispatching, helps you to get more jobs done, and saves you the costs of ordering the same tool twice.

Enhanced Communication and Workflows

Generally speaking, managers would assign and explain duties to cleaners at the office, and then the team would leave for the job site. However, they might need clarification about their work once they reach the site or may find the work is outside the scope of the brief. Cleaning labour tracking helps create digitised custom job sheets with all the job details there for their team

The cleaning team can receive job information through the job management mobile app. Similarly, they can instantly edit, add comments, or update job status through the app whilst they are on the job site. This helps to keep everyone informed without having to make phone calls or keep the manager in the dark until they return back to the office.

Time tracking for cleaning workers helps you to keep track of the time they arrived on site as well as the time that your staff finished. This will help to not only to ensure they remain efficient, but also that you can correctly invoice your customers.

Through the use of cleaning fleet tracking, you can save trips where your cleaners must return to the office, helping to save on fuel, and increases staff productivity. A centralised job management software for cleaners reduces human error and miscommunication, this helps to keep all workflows well-organised, and eliminates admin workload and costs.

Additionally, customers can also check the job’s progress in real-time through the customer portal. They can check the ETA of the workers on site, monitor the work, or flag if anything goes wrong. Keeping customers updated and informed about everything keeps them satisfied and increases retention.

Faster Payments

Along with tracking job progress, cleaning time tracking helps managers can track all of the costs associated with each job with the help of cleaning cost tracking. The field team can notify the manager of a job completion and get it approved by the client through the job management mobile app.

The cleaning tracker automates tracking the job, giving information like time on site, and you can keep track of any specific “luxury” items used through a custom job sheet. This allows you to get a faster turnaround on invoices allowing you to get payment from your customers faster.

They can even capture e-signatures and photographs as proof of work done. This makes accounting easy, reduces manual work, and increases customer satisfaction by delivering good after-sales service on time. Our cleaning job management software lets the field team serve customers better while efficiently managing admin and other management operations. Cleaning companies can effectively plan and optimise cleaning services, allocate resources better, and taper operational costs.

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