By RAM Tracking on 16 Jun 2023

Top 10 Daily Checks to Keep Your Vehicles Compliant.

Your business is responsible for making sure vehicles are safe to drive. It is a legal requirement, and should the worst happen both fines, vehicle removal or even custodial sentencing can be given in certain incidents.

For something that takes a couple of minutes to do, you are ensuring you are keeping your drivers safe and your vehicles roadworthy.

Regular checks also mean that maintenance of vehicles can be scheduled minimising the time off road and lead to less breakdowns or unannounced failures which can cost your business time and money. So here are the points you need to check in order to stay complaint with VOSA:

1. Fluids, fuel, and oil – check levels for engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering and windscreen washers. Ensure the fuel filler cap is properly fitted and look for leaks under the vehicle, including with the engine on.

2. Brakes – look out for excessive travel in the brake pedal and that the hand brake works correctly.

3. Battery – look for leaks and loose fittings.

4. Lights – check lights and indicators work correctly. Where possible check dashboard warning lights.

5. Horn and steering – check that there is no excessive play in the steering and that the horn works.

6. Washers and wipers – check that the wipers work, that wiper blades are not worn, that washer fluid is topped up, and that the washers point at the windscreen.

7. Mirrors and glass – all mirrors should be properly aligned and secure. There should be a clear view and no obstructions to vision front and rear.

8. Seats and seatbelts – check that seatbelts function correctly and that seats are secure.

9. Tow bars and tail lifts – ensure the tow bar is secure and that any trailer is properly attached, with all electrical connections working correctly. For a tail lift, look for damage and ensure it is in working order.

10. Tyres and wheels – the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, but it should be more for safe braking, handling, and wet weather performance. Inflate tyres to the correct pressure and look for any cuts on the sidewall. Check that wheel nuts are secure.

If you are interested in going paperless and making drivers easily complete and be reminded to run these checks, check out our Daily Vehicle Checks as part of our Plus package.

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