By RAM Tracking on 1 Jul 2022

Five Things You Need to Know About Licence Checking

A key part of any health and safety policy for companies where drivers regularly drive on business is the regular checking of driving licences to ensure that they are eligible to drive in the vehicle that they have been allocated.

Failing to do so can create serious financial and legal consequences for the company.

Here are five facts you should know about licence checking.

1.    It’s an Offence to Permit Staff to Drive Without a Licence

The 1988 Road Traffic Act states that it is an offence for a driver to drive without a valid licence. It is also an offence for a person to permit a driver to drive without a valid licence.

The Health and Safety Executive’s guide, Driving at Work says employers should be satisfied that their drivers are competent and capable.

2.   Driving Licence Checks Should Be Carried Out at Least Once a Year

Driving Licence Checks should be carried out at least once a year but since penalty points can accumulate rapidly, it may be advisable to do it more frequently.

Drivers usually lose their licence or the categories of vehicles they can drive because of convictions, health or age.

Health issues may develop at any point, so it is important to carry out regular checks, to ensure that all of your drivers are safe to drive.

3.   Keep a Financial Record of Driving Checks

Having a robust system in place can be vital when defending yourself against a prosecution, so it's important to keep an auditable record, or if using an external agency, that they keep one on your behalf

4.  You Need Permission From a Driver to Check Their Licence

Due to the Data Protection Act of 1988, employers must always get permission from drivers before checking their licence information.

This ensures that employees feel safe in the knowledge of how their information is being used and you as a business are abiding by current GDPR guidelines.

5.   Use an accredited licence checking company

A vehicle tracking company like RAM tracking can take the administrative burden out of licence checking processes, especially if you have a large fleet.

At RAM tracking, we provide annual, quarterly and monthly lookups to ensure that your driving fleet is safe and eligible to drive.

Our checks are automatic which means that once your drivers are set up, the process is automatic so you don’t need to worry. You are also completely in control and can define how often checks are performed.

We also offer a range of other high-quality services, including GPS vehicle tracking systems, fleet management and GPS installation so that you can be assured that your fleet vehicles are as safe as they can be.


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