By RAM Tracking on 6 Sep 2022

Vehicle tracking is utilised by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world to track their vehicles. Whether this is a fleet of hundreds or just a few company cars, a vehicle tracking system is a great way to keep track of your vehicles, with handy software that will allow you access to a wealth of data.

Here are four benefits of installing a GPS vehicle tracking system.

Increase Efficiency

Vehicle tracking is automated and instantly provides you with data about the vehicles that your business utilises. It uses live GPS to monitor whereabouts, record routes which will help you to work out the best routes to optimise a vehicle's journey. It can plan routes efficiently, taking the driver across an area that will be the most cost-effective, as well as keeping track of private mileage and excessive idling.


Speeding is one of the most common crimes, with thousands of offenders caught every hour. Speeding can result in accidents and damage, penalties in the form of points on your licence or large fines, and even prison. Car tracking systems can keep your driving speed down by monitoring pace and acting as a natural deterrent.

Many drivers find they don’t even need a reminder of their speed; just the knowledge that they are being tracked is enough to positively impact their driving behaviours. If your drivers do speed, a report is generated which you can then show the employee to inform them that their behaviour is unacceptable and not reflective of your business' values.

Monitor Private Mileage

Many companies let their employees take their company vehicles home, such as a builder who will then take the van to work in the morning, but often, trust is broken and they use the vehicle for home use. This is a problem as it increases mileage, which can cause additional wear and tear and could be using fuel that is being paid for by the company.

Vehicle tracking records every movement, so, a company can easily see if the vehicle is being used outside of the allotted business hours. Reports are automatically generated so cannot be falsified, and will clearly show the vehicle's location.

Theft Protection

Nobody wants their vehicle stolen, but unfortunately, it does occur every day. One of the biggest benefits of vehicle tracking is that a stolen vehicle can be immediately tracked down using GPS trackers. Vehicle theft can cause disruption and financial loss to a business, and it can take a long time trying to sort insurance policies out. With car tracking, a stolen vehicle can be tracked in real-time and the details can be sent to the authorities so they can recover it quickly.

GPS Vehicle Tracking from RAM Tracking

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