By RAM Tracking on 27 Nov 2023

Advisory Fuel Rates UK

HMRC has recently released updated Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) applicable to company car drivers seeking reimbursement for fuel expenses from their employers.

Effective from December 1, the revised fuel reimbursement rates incorporate various adjustments. 

  • In the latest update, the AER has experienced a reduction of 1 pence per mile (ppm), bringing it down from the previous 10ppm to the updated rate of 9ppm.
  • This modification follows an increase in the AER during the last quarterly review, highlighting the dynamic nature of these rates and their responsiveness to evolving economic and environmental factors.

AFR for company vehicles

In other adjustments to the Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs), notable changes have been introduced in the diesel and petrol categories for company cars, catering to diverse engine sizes.

  • For diesel-powered company cars exceeding 2,000cc in engine size, there is a discernible uptick in the AFR, rising by 1ppm from 19 to 20ppm.
  • Similarly, diesel vehicles falling within the engine size range of 1,601 to 2,000cc witness an analogous 1ppm increase, moving from 14 to 15ppm.
  • Additionally, diesel cars with an engine capacity of up to 1,600cc experience a parallel adjustment, escalating from 12 to 13ppm.
  • These modifications highlight the approach taken to reflect the evolving dynamics of fuel costs and usage patterns.

Turning attention to petrol-driven company cars, a couple of noteworthy adjustments are evident.

  • For vehicles with a petrol engine below 1,400cc, the AFR is raised by 1ppm, transitioning from 13 to 14ppm.
  • Simultaneously, for petrol cars boasting an engine capacity surpassing 2,000cc, the revised rate stands at 26ppm, reflecting a 1ppm increase from the previous 25ppm.
  • However, the AFR for petrol company cars within the 1,401 to 2,000cc range remains unaltered at 16ppm, showcasing the nuanced approach taken in these rate revisions.

Meanwhile, the AFR for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas or petrol) vehicles maintains its stability.

  • For LPG cars with an engine size of up to 1,400cc, the rate remains unchanged at 10ppm.
  • While those falling within the 1,401 to 2,000cc category see a consistent rate of 12ppm.
  • In contrast, LPG vehicles featuring an engine capacity exceeding 2,000cc undergo a 1ppm reduction, transitioning from 19 to 18ppm.

These adjustments reflect a comprehensive assessment of fuel reimbursement rates tailored to the varied specifications of company vehicles.

Fuel rate adjustments

The recent adjustments in Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) by HMRC highlight a proactive response to the dynamic landscape of fuel costs and environmental considerations. The reduction in the Advisory Electricity Rate (AER) for electric company cars, despite a previous increase, displays the adaptability of these rates in addressing evolving economic and ecological factors.

  • The adjustments in AFRs for diesel and petrol company vehicles, considering diverse engine sizes, highlight a detailed approach aimed at reflecting the dynamics of fuel expenses and usage patterns.
  • The evident upticks and parallel adjustments in rates for different engine capacities demonstrate a commitment to fairness and accuracy in reimbursement.

The stability maintained in the AFRs for LPG vehicles, along with the 1ppm reduction for those with larger engines, showcases a complete assessment that considers the varied specifications of company vehicles. This approach ensures that reimbursement rates align with the diverse needs of businesses and drivers.

  • These recent changes in AFRs emphasise the commitment to fair and reflective reimbursement.
  • They also reflect an awareness of the evolving landscape of fuel consumption and environmental impact within the scope of company vehicles.

As businesses navigate these changes, the revised rates stand as a testament to the ongoing effort to strike a balance between economic considerations and sustainability around company car usage. Regardless of your fuel rates, you can save money with our exclusive bp fuel card, up to 10p a litre!

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