By RAM Tracking on 1 Nov 2022

How a Security Tracker Prevents Downtime and Ensures Safety?

Whether installing security systems or providing security guarding, the importance of security has grown over the years. Hackers and criminals are everywhere, and it is critical to ensure physical as well as digital safety to minimise risks to property, processes, and people.

Having said that, it is a big responsibility for security service providers to ensure that security is never compromised, as they might be held accountable for any mishap or downtime. But relying on a paper-based approach to provide around-the-clock service is not realistic, and is likely to waste time and money.

A security tracker works as a one-stop solution for security companies helping them manage all operations, from assigning jobs to creating invoices in real-time. Security productivity tracking offers a bird’s eye view of all processes and ensures automated and smooth operations, eliminating errors in manual jobs.

Preventive Maintenance

Security system service providers have to offer regular maintenance services to assure all systems are working correctly. A downtime in security systems can create more room for criminal liabilities, resulting in fines and even loss of business. But with several customers using various security systems, it can be strenuous for security managers to keep track of maintenance schedules and deliver efficient services.

Security time tracking helps managers to address this difficulty with a preventive maintenance approach and deliver timely services. It collates data around the usage and maintenance of security systems and sets automatic maintenance schedules. Security job trackers notify managers and technicians about upcoming maintenance, ensuring that managers never miss appointments. Managers can accordingly schedule and assign jobs whenever maintenance is required without hampering the daily workflow.

Adopting a proactive approach fixes a problem before it arises, reduces the chances of downtime, improves equipment performance, and saves heavy repair expenses.

Enhanced Workflow

Security guarding and system service providers must provide on-time services. In fact, security guards are crucial for building safety as criminals can leverage the opportunity of their absence to take action. Time tracking for security guards can help managers to schedule, assign, and manage the workforce from a single dashboard. Our job management software for security enables companies to respond to emergency calls by dispatching the nearest worker to the job site and rescheduling other jobs instantly, reducing travel time and maximising service calls.

Time tracking for security workers offers more visibility of security workers at client sites. Security supervisors can track their location in real-time, monitor their movements, and ensure they are at the job site and not elsewhere. Better visibility and organised workflows ensure smooth operations, speed up job completion, and increase the staff’s productivity.

Field Team Mobile App

Thanks to security employee time tracking, supervisors no longer need to call workers from the office and explain their job duties. Field workers can receive job updates and details on their field team mobile app and respond to them in real-time. The mobile app allows the security staff to check job schedules and customer details and submit work orders and other documents. Security labour tracking enables the security technicians to edit, add comments, or update job status in the electronic job sheets through the app, enhancing communication and collaboration between the supervisors and field team.

Furthermore, the field team can get customer approval on job completion, send invoices to customers at the job site and ensure faster payments, saving their trips back to the office and reducing travel expenses. Our job management software for security maintains all security management data in a single digitised database to make it easy for everyone to access the data anytime, anywhere, reducing admin workload and costs, and mitigating human errors.

Vehicle and Equipment Tracking

During emergency calls, the security staff should reach the job site quickly. And to help them do so, security vehicle tracking allows you to optimise the routes that your staff will be taking so they avoid busy roads, making them reach in the shortest time. It helps security companies reduce vehicle wear and tear, minimise idling, and save time and fuel costs.

Vehicle tracking for security allows the supervisors to track the real-time location of the vehicles and assess the time workers spend behind wheels. Your team can simply reach out to you in case of a vehicle breakdown so you are able to help them quickly with alternative vehicles, maintaining workers’ productivity, sticking to the schedule, and avoiding penalties.

Security system technicians need different tools to fit or repair a system, like drill machines, cable installation tools, wire cutters, etc. But they can waste a lot of time finding the tools and loading the vehicle as the same set of tools might only apply to some job sites. Supervisors and technicians can track the whereabouts of the equipment in real-time through security asset tracking. With clear inventory visibility, teams can quickly get the right tools for the right jobs, increase first-time fix rates, and boost customer satisfaction.

Asset tracking for security also allows us to monitor the tools and supplies, check the physical condition of the equipment, and replenish the stock when needed. It helps companies to reduce overspending on inventory and increase the lifespan of the equipment.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Security cost tracking enables customers to monitor the job’s progress in real-time and raises issues through the customer portal. Updating customers with necessary details make them feel involved and boosts their satisfaction. Our security job management software streamlines operations, helps to track and monitor jobs, gets more jobs done, and elevates customer satisfaction and profitability.

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