By RAM Tracking on 7 Mar 2019

Reduces fuel consumption

The fuel costs involved in a vehicle fleet can be astronomical, so it’s important for you to ensure that you take care of the fuel consumption.

Things like reducing the time a vehicle is spent idle can be one place to start. Many drivers will want to keep their cabins comfortable when they are driving, so tend to keep an engine running while doing deliveries or on the road. Keeping a cabin cool in the summer and warm in the winter helps a driver to feel comfortable doing their jobs, but they will also use up more fuel by doing this. The consumption can equate to reducing the engine's productivity, which means that the miles per gallon you achieve is greatly reduced.

Taking a focus on the fuel consumption can help to reduce your carbon footprint, while also enabling you to ensure that you save money in the process. Planning routes and delivery times can also help you to reduce fuel consumption in the long-term.  

Enables you to become more paperless within the business

Being environmentally friendly as a business means trying to reduce the amount of paper you use. A vehicle tracking system could essentially help you do that. Firstly, drivers may have a responsibility to ensure that there logs are filled in with regards to the amount of mileage they do. But you could allow this to become electronic by enabling the vehicle tracking system to record that information for you. This helps ensure that all logs are accurate.

Managing a fleet is not easy with everything that is needed to be remembered such as servicing requirements, MOT’s and taxing, and a system in place could help you monitor those requirements as well as keeping the information locked in electronically.

Enables you to monitor driver actions and style

Being environmentally friendly not only means taking action within the office side of things and reducing the paper used, but also means acknowledging a change in behaviour. One way a vehicle tracking system will do is ensure that a driver is more accountable for their actions and driving style.

One way they do that is to ensure that speed limits are maintained and driving is not erratic. Therefore reducing the amount of fuel consumed, and the way the engine is driven. This can help with the carbon monoxide gases released into the system but also helps you to maintain a healthy vehicle.

Lasting longer. However it is also important to ensure that vehicles are changed regularly to ensure that you get the best engine possible.

Allows you to be more productive effectively reducing road time

A vehicle tracking system can help you to become more productive on the road with your vehicle deliveries and the service you require. Handling more deliveries and stops more efficiently, means you are spending less time on the road and consuming less fuel. A vehicle tracking system can help you to plan routes and make more use of the time you do have on the road.

It is vitally important that these days businesses take ownership of their carbon footprint, and take necessary actions to reduce their outlay and become more environmentally friendly. 

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