By RAM Tracking on 4 Nov 2022

Here’s How Engineering Firms can Improve Efficiency with Engineering Fleet Tracking

The engineering industry is regarded as the pioneer of innovation. From healthcare to transportation, engineers are always looking to invent new ways of making lives simpler and better. Nevertheless, as the world is rapidly changing around us, it is essential that the engineering industry is ahead of the curve and living up to customers' expectations.

However, they need to overcome traditional disciplinary boundaries and embrace intelligent approaches. Engineering firms cannot run on best-class talent; they need exceptional project execution to survive in a highly competitive market. They should adopt an engineering tracker to address project management challenges and stay well-ordered at work while delivering efficient projects.

Engineering plant tracking helps managers to efficiently plan and organise work, monitor job progress and budget, all whilst ensuring projects are completed on time without hassle. Managers can make informed decisions faster allowing them to grow business whilst receiving a comprehensive view of all job aspects.

Efficient Task Management

Generally speaking, engineering projects are resource intensive, with engineers spread out in different areas working on unwavering timelines. And if projects are to be delivered on time, engineering managers have to keep everything organised, especially during multiple ongoing projects. Engineering time tracking assists with scheduling, assigning and managing resources with just a few clicks. Our engineering productivity tracking offers complete visibility into resources, helping managers to see which team is overloaded and which is available to take up a new job.

Time tracking for engineers allows managers to manage all of their resources in real-time, plan job timelines, and maximise workforce capacity. One single-view job scheduling platform can help managers accommodate on-demand changes and easily prioritise jobs, ensuring on-time project delivery. With optimised planning and resource allocation, managers can complete more jobs daily and increase billable work.

Employee Tracking and Performance Monitoring

While job scheduling and resource allocation is just one part of engineering project management, managers also need to track how much time engineers are spending on a particular job and identify issues of delays, if any. Engineering employee time tracking helps to track project progress in real-time and monitor staff performance. Using an engineering jobs tracker can help engineering firms to track significant tasks, sub-tasks, and their dependencies and ensure that on-site engineers work as per the plan.

Tracking job progress and employee performance over time can help engineering managers easily identify problems and fix them quickly. It also helps to keep track of billable hours and ensure invoices are created on accurate details, eliminating manual and daunting processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

Vehicle and Equipment Tracking

The engineering team travels from one site to another to work on several jobs a day. But external factors like traffic, roadblocks, or extreme weather conditions can create trouble for them to reach job sites on time. Engineering vehicle tracking helps managers to track the vehicle's location in real-time and stay connected with the team on the road. It also works great to setting pre-determined optimised routes that help mitigate such external factors, assisting the team in sticking to the schedule and completing work efficiently.

Further, managers can leverage real-time location details, dispatching the nearest team to the site, or effectively respond to on-demand job requests. Vehicle tracking engineering saves fuel costs, reduces engine idling, saves vehicle maintenance expenses, and increases the team's productivity.

While engineers are experts in problem-solving, they can only do so with their tools and equipment. Engineers need hammers, jacks, flashlights, eyeglasses, etc., to do their job, and if they don't or they forget to carry the right equipment, delays are bound to happen, resulting in dissatisfied customers. Engineering asset tracking can mitigate these risks by helping the team track equipment in real-time, equip themselves with the necessary tools, and speed up job completion. Asset tracking for engineering saves valuable time in finding tools and can help managers effectively manage the inventory.

Better Team Management

Engineering teams are composed of different members, and it can be troublesome for managers to coordinate with teams and keep stakeholders informed. The communication gap can cause delays in projects, as well as lead to the wastage of resources and money. Engineering cost tracking enables everyone to get job updates from a unified place, making collaboration simple and seamless. On-site engineers can view job notifications, update job status, check customer history and work orders, etc., all from the mobile management app, helping managers stay connected with the team no matter where they go.

Engineering fleet tracking ensures that managers and engineers can get rid of handling numerous documents, keep all communication in one place, mitigate human errors and avoid duplication of work. This helps engineering firms to cut down on admin costs and increase the productivity of engineers, ensuring stronger team management.

Keep Customers Involved

Along with improving team collaboration, the engineering tracker helps improve customer communication. Customers can track the job's progress through the customer portal and monitor the performance of engineers. They can reach out to the field team, and engineers can respond to their queries quickly, approve jobs and invoices, providing effective service. Giving transparency into the operations offers customers the satisfaction that work is progressing as planned.

Our job management software ensures flawless management of internal processes, streamlining operations, saving engineering companies from huge overlays, and keeping everyone up-to-date in real time.

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