By RAM Tracking on 9 Nov 2022

Importance of a Roofing Job Management Software

Whether it is construction or the production industry, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to potential customers renovating their houses. The roofing industry operates on strenuous labouring activities, climbing and working at heights to ensure first-time fixes. Moreover, the roof is the most crucial component of your home, and if it is left unrepaired, your house is prone to debris, dirt, and the effects of extreme weather conditions.

Having said that, it is critical that roofing workers work effectively and are always equipped with the right tools, especially during the refurbishing season. Hence, they need an efficient system to manage their workload. An effective way of doing this is by shifting from the manual paper-based system and simplifying job management. Service providers can use a roofing tracker to track projects, automate processes, manage the workforce and streamline operations. Roofing fleet tracking brings the roofing team and management under one platform to help boost vital collaboration and helps to bolster faster job completion.

Manage Jobs and Tasks

Roofing managers can find it challenging to manage multiple jobs during high service demands. Roofing service providers can get a significant financial setback if the jobs go off schedule, which then reduces your team’s productivity and means that you deliver poor customer service. Roofing time tracking can help managers accurately schedule and complete jobs without hindrance by assigning work in a few clicks through one digitised platform.

Time tracking for roofing gives a comprehensive view of all jobs including your upcoming jobs, and managers can prioritise jobs as per the demand and ensure that there are no missed appointments. Our job scheduling software dispatches the nearest workers to the job site and speeds up job completion, saving time and fuel costs. This allows you to keep your customers happy as they are receiving their services on time.

Track Everything

Roofing workers’ work environment is typically risky as they work on building or house roofs. Managers cannot call or text them to ask about job progress as they need to be focused on work, and distractions can hamper their productivity or even worse, lead to accidents. But with roofing productivity tracking, managers can track the progress of each job in real-time, eliminating manual and time-consuming processes.

Roofing employee time tracking gives more transparency into how projects are moving along and how employees spend their time on site all in real-time. Managers and employees are updated about the timeline, costs, and project completion and can efficiently manage work orders.

Since roofing work is labour intensive, workers have to carry different equipment at job sites, like roofing hammers, shovels, pry bars, nail guns, etc., to fix roofing issues. Furthermore, the team should be equipped with the necessary tools to start the job. Asset tracking for roofing makes it easy to; track equipment and tools in real-time, get tools quickly, and complete work effectively. Roofing asset tracking helps managers to manage their entire inventory of tools properly all from one single digitised space. This saves a lot of time in finding tools and the costs involved in double stock supplies.

Managers can also track the location of vehicles in real-time with roofing vehicle tracking. They can reach out to staff if breakdowns happen and address issues immediately. They can set optimised routes, helping roofers to avoid traffic, reduce idling, and help to reduce any delays. Roofing vehicle tracking also provides data on speeding, harsh braking, or rapid speeding, decreasing wear and tear of vehicles and saving fuel costs.

Seamless Collaboration

It can be difficult to communicate with the field staff if they are stuck somewhere or need more clarification on jobs. Explaining job details on phones or emails increases the chances of miscommunication and causes a delay in project completion. Roofing labour tracking solves this problem by creating a central database of all projects and simplifying job management. Managers can create job sheets, assign jobs, track job progress, and much more from a single dashboard. The field team can view job details, documents, and customer details and update job status in real-time through the field team management app.

Roofing jobs tracking helps to foster effective communication and ensures everyone is updated about essential job information. The field team no longer has to engage in time-consuming paper filing systems, you also reduce your admin costs, eliminate manual double-entry, and save time. A centralised digital system helps increase staff productivity and ensures no loopholes in collaboration, getting more jobs done.

Faster Invoicing

The centralised system also offers invoice creation and generation. With the help of roofing cost tracking, managers can keep track of costs associated with the job and prepare estimates accordingly. Managers can quickly create invoices, and the field team can send them to customers at the job site itself. Customers can track the progress of jobs through the customer portal and monitor the staff’s performance. Technicians can capture signatures and pictures of work done from the app as proof of work and get the job approved by customers instantly, get paid instantly, and help to ensure faster payments.

This helps the management team to settle accounts quickly without taking several follow-ups, increasing cash flow and profitability. Our roofing job management software increases customer retention as streamlined business processes and smoother project completion keeps customers happier and helps achieve an edge in the market. 

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