By RAM Tracking on 10 Oct 2022

The Benefits Of Vehicle Telematics

Used to monitor vehicle movements, speeds, driver habits and more, telematics are now regularly used in vehicle tracking systems to provide a detailed, accurate analysis of your vehicle’s condition and whereabouts. This helpful blog provides a complete guide to vehicle tracking systems and telematics to help you make sense of it all!

How Do Telematics Work?

Vehicle fleet tracking relies on telematics data such as vehicle location, driving speed, and more. This helps to ensure drivers remain compliant and improve efficiency, safety and accuracy in operations. Below, we outline the key ways in which this technology helps fleet management companies record, analyse, and use data:

● The location of the vehicle is tracked via a GPS receiver or GRPS. The information is later transmitted from the vehicle directly to a server via a wireless network.

● All the information collected is now managed by a telecommunications company.

● This information is then transferred from the telematics provider to a computer or mobile device for a fleet manager to access.

The Benefits Of Vehicle Telematics

Integrating a vehicle tracking or data recording system into your fleet comes with a number of advantages. Not only increased safety and compliance but you get simple fleet maintenance also. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits:


This is one of the most common uses of telematics. Vehicle tracking allows you to assist your fleet managers to keep track of their fleet. This is a particularly useful benefit when working with a large number of vehicles. With vehicle tracking, businesses can monitor the movement or location of all vehicles using GPS technology.


Telematics devices are typically plugged directly into a vehicle’s diagnostic port. This allows them to automatically record a variety of engine data, such as fuel consumption, coolant temperature, engine load and more. This information is then uploaded to a server and delivered quickly and easily to your fleet management team.

As well as providing regular updates on engine data, vehicle telematics can help to identify issues or faults with the vehicle. This means you can carry out necessary repair works before the issue worsens or tragedy strikes.

Safety & Compliance

Vehicle tracking and telematics are designed to track, monitor and log data on all fleet vehicles. This makes vehicle tracking systems an ideal way of monitoring driving habits, speeds, and braking behaviours.

A fantastic way to help increase driver safety on the road. As they electronically and automatically track vehicle drive-time, telematic systems can make it much simpler to maintain driving hours compliance. This ensures employees aren’t over-working.


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