By RAM Tracking on 29 Sep 2023

Dash cams for fleets

Although it may seem ordinary, a dash cam is an untapped and valuable resource. It stands as a silent yet vigilant guard for fleet managers, offering support in the ongoing battle against fraudulence and criminal activities such as:

  •  The growing issue of crash-for-cash scams.
  •  Staff misuse or damage.
  •  General vandalism
  •  Loss of valuable assets.

Dash cams are more than just unassuming devices; they are the unbiased witnesses to every moment on the road, capturing evidence that can be used in favour of fleet operators.

In the complex world of fleet management, the presence of these unforeseen hazards is a huge threat. 

Preventing vehicle theft

Dash cams, primarily designed to record footage from a vehicle's perspective while driving, can indirectly contribute to the prevention of vehicle theft in several ways:

  •  Visual deterrent: The presence of a visible dash cam inside a vehicle can act as a deterrent to potential thieves. Criminals are less likely to target a vehicle if they believe their actions will be recorded and potentially used as evidence against them.
  •  Recorded evidence: While dash cams are normally used to capture incidents while driving, they can also record any suspicious activity around the parked vehicle. If a thief approaches the vehicle or attempts to break in, the dash cam may capture their actions, providing valuable evidence for law enforcement.
  •  GPS tracking: Pairing your dash cam with RAM Tracking GPS tracking gives your vehicle an extra layer of protection. If your vehicle is stolen, we can help track its location in real-time, making it easier for law enforcement to recover the stolen vehicle quickly.
  •  Cloud connectivity: Our 4G connected dash cams are equipped with cloud connectivity, which allows you to remotely access and view footage from your vehicle. In the event of theft, this feature can be invaluable for both tracking the vehicle and providing evidence to law enforcement known as FNOL (first notificaton of loss) which can also lead to lower insurance premiums too.

There are many testimonies to dash cams preventing theft, many highlight how the camera has caught the thieves off guard, like Angela, a mini owner from London:

‘I am totally happy I bought that camera. It’s worth every penny. Now the police have a clear image of the man and can continue a thorough investigation – I hope anyone who recognises him comes forward, the picture is clear as day.’

While dash cams may not directly prevent vehicle theft, their presence can significantly reduce the likelihood of theft and aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles. They provide a layer of security and documentation that can be crucial in deterring criminals and assisting law enforcement in resolving theft cases.

Cash for crash scam cases

Dash cams can help to prevent, document, and provide evidence in "crash-for-cash" incidents, which are fraudulent car accidents staged for insurance purposes, over 2,300 motorists have been victim to these scams. Here's how dash cams play a vital role in addressing these incidents:

  •  Prevention through deterrence: The mere presence of a dash cam can deter potential fraudsters from attempting crash-for-cash scams. Knowing that their actions will be recorded and potentially used as evidence can discourage individuals from staging accidents in the first place.
  •  Objective documentation: Dash cams record unbiased and objective footage of the road and the surrounding environment. In the event of a crash-for-cash incident, the dash cam captures the incident from the driver's perspective, providing clear and unaltered evidence of what occurred.
  •  Witness accounts: Dash cam footage can serve as an impartial witness to the incident. This evidence can be used to corroborate the victim's account and provide a factual record of the events, making it difficult for fraudsters to fabricate stories.
  •  Police investigation support: Dash cam footage can be shared with law enforcement to aid in their investigations. This can lead to criminal charges against fraudsters who engage in crash-for-cash scams, helping to deter such activities.

These scams are estimated to add £400m to motorists premiums, so it’s important to protect your fleet from such incidents. Terry, a travelling mechanic shared details of an incident with us:

"This is why I have a camera in my van, a driver in front of me (reported to the police and crime reference number obtained) slows down then moves forward, slows down again, then stops and rolls back a tiny bit. She then tries to claim I ran into the back of her. When I watch the video back, you will clearly see that I am nowhere near her, in fact about 3ft away all the time. She had to cheek to start shouting abuse at me when I pointed out she was being recorded.”

Dash cams act as impartial, vigilant witnesses that provide objective evidence of crash-for-cash incidents. Their presence alone can deter fraudsters, while their documented footage can protect innocent parties, assist law enforcement and aid in legal proceedings. As such, dash cams have become a valuable tool in combating fraudulent activities on the road.

Vehicle Dash Cam Protection

For fleet managers, dash cams are necessary protectors, tackling two pressing challenges—vehicle theft and crash-for-cash scams.

For vehicle theft, dash cams act as:

  •  A deterrent for theft and fraudulent activity.
  •  A deterrent for driver misuse of a vehicle or bad driving habits 
  •  A source of real-time tracking.


Dash cam help to stop potential thieves and aid in swift recovery. Testimonies, like Angela's, demonstrate to their worth.

In countering crash-for-cash scams, dash cams offer:

  •  Prevention through deterrence,
  •  Objective documentation.
  •  Credible witness accounts.

Their role is important in situations where fraud costs millions and innocent parties suffer.

In sumary, dash cams have transitioned from optional accessories to essential tools. They ensure:

  •  Safety
  •  Security.
  •  Integrity on the road.

Standing as solid lookouts against the threats of theft and fraud in the world of fleet management.

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