By RAM Tracking on 26 Oct 2022

Why Should Electrical Contractors Use an Electrician Tracker?

Today, life without electricity is unimaginable. From charging smartphones to using microwaves in the kitchen, we depend on intelligent appliances that need electric power. Apart from our social and domestic use, the need for electricity in the industrial sphere is snowballing. Due to the heavy and perplexing nature of work in manufacturing or construction plants, electricians play a crucial role, as downtime in terms of electrical failure can result in massive losses.

With the labour shortage in the current scenario, electrical contractors are trying to do more with fewer resources. And to achieve an edge in the industry, service providers must provide better customer service, reduce overhead costs, and increase the bottom line. But it can be difficult to manage multiple work sites, assign and monitor jobs, track equipment and materials, or any technical predicaments and hurdles that may arise.

Electrician fleet tracking can eliminate these concerns and help you run business operations smoothly. With automated processes, electrical contractors can manage the workflow efficiently, blot out manual or paper-based tasks, and save time and money.

Job Scheduling & Allocation

Generally speaking, working on big electrical projects demands a ton of labour and time. Electrical contractors and workers need to make the most of each moment and work proficiently to ensure the job is completed appropriately and that efficiency is maintained. With multiple customers, workers spread in different areas, and various deadlines, job scheduling for electricians is critical.

Using an electrician site tracking system, contractors can prioritise jobs and assign resources accordingly to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. When workers know their schedule for the day, they can quickly go to another site and complete more jobs in the same amount of time. Electrician plant tracking also helps to know a tentative timeline to complete a particular job, saving contractors from overtime payments.

Vehicle and Employee Tracking

Once you schedule jobs, checking if workers have reached the job site on time is essential. Contractors can’t call or email 100 workers to know when they will arrive and complete the job. And if they are not able to track vehicles and employees, operations are vulnerable to several financial setbacks due to vehicle breakdowns, accidents, traffic, congestion, etc.

Electrician vehicle tracking enables contractors to monitor the location of the vehicles in real-time and see the field team on a live map. With location details, managers can dispatch the nearest driver to complete the job, provide prompt service delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

Vehicle tracking for electricians can also allow you to plan efficient routes. Route planning helps you start utilising fuel effectively, and you will reach your customers in the shortest time, ensuring that your workers day is efficient and that your customer has a high satisfaction with the job.

Electrician labour tracking can monitor workers and driving behaviour along with vehicle tracking. Electrician productivity tracking allows the contractor to stay updated with the remote team’s work activities as well as their real-time location. It helps to quickly reach out to workers if any uncertainty arises and address problems immediately.

Asset Tracking

Electrical service providers also rely on equipment like utility knives, screwdrivers, flashlights, wires, and many more. Having the right tools at the right time is essential to sticking to schedules and optimally using labour hours and money. Moreover, tools should also be in the proper condition for workers to do their jobs effectively. Electrician asset tracking helps with equipment location and movement details, offering better accuracy and visibility.

Asset tracking for electricians can help reduce human errors and costs associated with keeping an inventory of assets. Contractors no longer need to waste time finding equipment and its current usage; the electrician tracker keeps them updated with their exact whereabouts, speeding up job completion and increasing cash flow.

Simplified Communication and Job Management

Apart from the vehicle and asset tracking, contractors need to know the status of each job and how they are progressing, but this can be overwhelming for them. In fact, a coordinated team is key to successful project completion. Our job management software for electricians allows contractors to manage all aspects of a job, from scheduling and dispatching to creating invoices and payments through one interface. Electrician time tracking helps them to be on top of the workload and never lose track of jobs from the start till the end.

Our robust field mobile app allows the electrical workforce to respond to jobs in real-time. Time tracking for electrician workers makes it easy to access job files, edit or update job sheets, and view customer details in real-time from any job site. For example, after completing a job, they can instantly update the job progress in the app and keep the team informed.

When important job information is passed seamlessly, it increases transparency in communication. Additionally, workers no longer have to manually fill in work orders or go to the office to submit them as they can fill in all details on the app. This ensures that there is no duplication of work, reducing admin workload and costs, and saving time.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Electrical contractors need to establish strong and effective communication with customers as well. Electrician cost tracking allows customers to know the progress of jobs in real-time through the customer portal. The field team can address customer queries or issues, approve jobs, and capture signatures at the job site, making customers feel involved and keeping them updated.

The faster the response time, the better customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our job management system for electricians can make a real difference by ensuring streamlined job workflow, a well-connected team, increased productivity and getting more jobs done, thus leading to higher profitability.

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