By RAM Tracking on 5 Oct 2018

It’s no secret that dash cams are easy to get hold of on the consumer market. It would be easy for businesses to order consumer dash cams via the internet or simply walk into an automotive store and purchase dash cams there and then – particularly for smaller businesses with less vehicles. However, there are many dash cams that are designed specifically for business use that have significant advantages over consumer products.

Added features

As dash cams are designed for business use, they generally have features that are tailored to making your fleet management easier to improve efficiency and benefit your overall business. For example, they may have supporting software and GPS tracking which allows fleet managers to keep track of their general vehicle whereabouts.  Some dash cams for business use – such as RAM Live – also have built in event notifications. This means if a significant driving event were to occur that could put both the driver and business’ reputation at risk - such as a harsh brake, incident/collision and a speeding event - the fleet manager will be notified and be able to act quickly.

Customer service

When purchasing dash cams for businesses, it’s important to note the significant advantages that dash cams designed for businesses will have over consumer products when it comes to both initial, and ongoing customer support. Most business dashcams will come with a warranty and a customer support team that will be contactable should you have an issues or queries about the device. Not only that, companies will generally arrange for a qualified engineer to fit the device in line with vehicle driving standards to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Cost savings

For businesses who are looking to supply dash cams to multiple vehicles, there’s a chance for potential cost savings by buying in bulk as opposed to buying individual systems from a retail store. Not only this but many companies will have seasonal offers and promotions which could included additional cost savings that would beat consumer pricing hands down, so it’s always worth shopping around and visiting comparison sites. Even if business dash cams are a little pricier than consumer dash cams at the outset, there’s no debate over the potential cost savings that can be gained in the long-term through improving efficiency outweigh the initial cost.

Live streaming dash cams

As technology is becoming more advanced, businesses are trying to stay current and get innovative when it comes to new designs and features. One of the latest functions in dash cam revolution, is the live dash cam.

Live view dash cams can save the company save valuable time and money in comparison to regular dash cams that generally require you to upload data from an SD card. Having access to live streaming footage means fleet managers can track their drivers’ journeys and react quicker to incidents.

Our Live streaming dash cam, RAM Live, allows the quickest response with its real-time event notification feature. It also allows businesses to set up these email alerts to go direct to insurance broker in the event of an incident to report a First Notification of Loss (FNOL) potentially reducing insurance premiums.

Not only this, but RAM Live has a driver facing camera, night vision, 3G connectivity and automatic data uploads to the cloud.  Find out more information on our RAM Live information page and get a free no obligation quote.

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