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GPS tracking for businesses

Having GPS fleet tracking alongside the important use of the telematics data that vehicle tracking provides you, allows you to gain access to crucial information about your fleet. This information can be used to improve your business operations. 

By utilising a GPS fleet management system, businesses are able to understand everything such as vehicle speed and location using GPS technology, this isn’t where it ends though, as a good system will apply reporting to collate data into a way that is easy to read.

Give your drivers with a way to provide important information such as:

  • Having a vehicle breakdown,
  • If they have completed their daily vehicle checks or
  • If they get into an incident and much more. 

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What is GPS vehicle tracking and how does it help businesses? 

This is a term that refers to any fleet management software that takes telematics data alongside GPS technology.

GPS fleet management is comprised of three parts: 

GPS (Global Positioning System) 

A GPS takes advantage of satellites in space, a minimum of three satellites are used to ‘triangulate’ the current location of something that is giving off a signal, in this case, a vehicle tracker.

These satellites will pick up on the signal and provide you with a location of the tracker, showing you:

  • the current speed and
  • location of your tracked vehicle
    • Every minute or,
    • Any turn.
    • Harsh brake.
    • Harsh acceleration.

Vehicle Telematics 

Vehicle telematics is a combination of the words telecommunications and informatics. Your vehicle tracker collects GPS data as well as a vast range of vehicle-specific information and transmits it to a centralised server to then be displayed to the end user. This data includes important info such as location, speed, idle time, rapid acceleration, harsh braking and much more. 

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software takes all of the information collected and helps your business to better manage its fleet through the use of this information. It’s a simple yet effective way of improving your fleet’s efficiency.  

Not only can you supercharge your fleet’s performance, but additionally, you can:

  • Save money on operating costs.
  • Ensure that you remain compliant.  

Image of a delivery driver smiling before delivering boxes. in a van being tracked with GPS vehicle tracking

Benefits of GPS vehicle tracking for your business

When you take advantage of GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management you will notice the various benefits that come with it. So, how can it help? 

Optimise Your Fleet’s Maintenance 

Vehicle maintenance is one of the largest expenses for most fleets, having to deal with unexpected breakdowns and various repairs due to wear and tear across any sized fleet become a real problem when not properly managed. Using our feature that makes drivers submit a daily vehicle check helps you to understand when a vehicle needs attention before it breakdown minimising it's time off the road.

When a driver fills out their Daily Vehicle Checks, you can see if there are any issues, which allows you to:

  • Ensure that anything minor or suspect with a vehicle is dealt with quickly before a much larger issue presents itself.
  • Additionally, you can set days aside for individual vehicles to have maintenance done.
  • Reduce the number of unexpected breakdowns helping to keep business productivity up.  

Vehicles checks are a legal requirement if your vehicle exceeds 3.5t, but it is highly recommended that all commercial vehicles undergo daily checks because in the event of  an incident you have the necessary 'paperwork' to rule out negligence being the cause of the crash.

Through the use of a GPS fleet management system, you will see the difference it has on your bottom line.  An incident where a vehicle is deemed unroadworthy ther could be legal ramifications against the business and could be sued or fined. 

The information that your drivers provide through Daily Vehicle Checks will also ensure that you can provide exact information to engineers so they can deal with the problem head-on allowing you to get your vehicle back out on the road quickly.  

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Improve Your Fleet’s Safety 

GPS fleet management software allows you to improve your driver safety quickly and easily. You can run a report on driver behaviour which allows you to understand how safely each driver is being on the road through different important aspects such as;

  • Rapid acceleration.
  • Harsh braking.
  • Speeding events and
  • Distance driven.  

This information is then analysed and collated to create a leader board allowing you to reward good drivers behaving on the road whilst you can implement appropriate training to the drivers at the bottom of the rankings to improve their behaviour. 

Reduce Fuel Consumption 

Another great way to improve your bottom line is by reducing the amount of fuel wasted, by tracking idle time, how often drivers refuel and more you can help to reduce the frequency that drivers have to refuel their vehicles. 

  • Your drivers can input their fuel receipts into the RAM Assist app, by finding out how often each driver refuels you can find out which vehicles are the worst offenders for guzzling fuel. 
  • You can run an idle report to show you which of your drivers spend a lot of time with the engine on but not moving. This is one of the common ways to waste a lot of fuel. Finding this out will help you to implement relevant training to your drivers to ensure they understand the importance of not wasting fuel. 
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