GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS, or Global Positioning System vehicle tracking devices use the very same technology that allows satellite navigation systems and smartphones to know exactly where they are on the globe at any given time. Our trackers go one step further however; in that they use a cloud based platform to relay the data back to secure servers to be used for a variety of purposes. At RAM Tracking, we offer our customers the end-to-end solution that means they can track everything from cars, vans and HGVs, helping keep control and make savings.

How Do They Work?

Vehicle trackers can be installed by a qualified technician on most vehicles. Quite simply, they use the GPS to identify their location, which is then sent across to our secure servers in real-time using a mobile network. GPS requires that the tracker has line of sight to a minimum of four satellites at any given time; this means that you’ll have locational coverage almost anywhere in the world. We also provide customers with roaming SIM cards to ensure that the signal from the vehicle tracking device back to our servers is available even in rural locations.

The data gathered and stored on our servers can be accessed at any time over the internet, and with our software, businesses are able to see real-time information about their tracked assets, along with a wealth of historical data too. Whether you need oversight right now, or you want an overview of the previous month, our GPS tracking devices can help.

What are the Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to using vehicle trackers, they can provide extremely valuable business data, and are transforming a multitude of businesses including logistics, haulage and construction services to name a few.

Knowing where a vehicle is located in real-time is just the beginning of the benefits of using a vehicle tracker. Every wrong turn taken costs time, every mile driven costs in maintenance, and every missed deadline costs client satisfaction. By using data gathered over a period of time, businesses can build up a picture of their operations in order to improve efficiencies and productivity. Optimal routes can be planned out, the workforce can be better trained, and ultimately money can be saved.

Why Choose RAM Tracking?

  • Easy to use – The system has been specifically designed with the fleet manager in mind. We pride ourselves on offering software that not only gives you all the information you need - it’s also easy to use. Making the job of managing a fleet much easier.
  • Secure storage - We know just how important business data is, which is why the locational information we receive from tracked assets is stored safely on our servers.
  • Quick set-up - Improving efficiencies and making savings is something our customers want right away. That’s why we can install your car tracking device quickly and at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Accessibility - Many of our customers work through the night from many different locations. With 24/7 online access available from any device, our platform is ideal.
  • Saves you vital time – RAM Tracking works intelligently to push key information to you. You simply tell us what you need to know and when and then we’ll schedule automated email triggers so you can keep tabs on your commercial fleet.