Why Use GPS Vehicle Tracking?

All over the world, people utilise some form of GPS tracking every day, such as planning road trips, avoiding heavy traffic, or obtaining roadside assistance.  

Businesses can harness the power of GPS to monitor their mobile assets effectively. By using GPS vehicle tracking, they acquire valuable data that aids in addressing issues related to accountability, compliance, efficiency, and safety. In essence, GPS significantly enhances the profitability and operational efficiency of their fleets. 

Multiple vehicles driving on a road surrounded by trees with GPS vehicle tracking monitoring them.

Benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking for fleets

  • Real-time location tracking: GPS vehicle tracking allows you to monitor the location of your vehicles in real-time, so you know where your vehicles are at any point to assign work to or get proof of attendance from through timestamping for example.
  • Improved routes: With GPS tracking, you can identify the most efficient routes for your vehicles or help drivers who get into complications.
  • Reduced fuel consumption: By monitoring your vehicles'
    • Speeds.
    • Idle times.
    • Poor driving habits.

You can identify opportunities to reduce fuel consumption and improve your fleet's overall efficiency. 

  • Increased driver safety: GPS vehicle tracking can help you monitor your drivers' behaviour and identify risky driving habits, such as speeding or harsh braking, which can assist in improving driver safety and reduce the risk of incidents. 
  • Enhanced customer service: You can provide your customers with real-time updates on the location and status of their deliveries or how far away their service attendant is to repair their air conditioning for example, even sharing a live link to track the vehicle if desired. 

Introducing GPS vehicle tracking systems are a vital part fleet management as it allows you to ensure your drivers are safe and where they should be as well as to see where you can cut journey times and streamline workflow. 

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How Does GPS Tracking Work? 

Here is a simple summary:  

  • Satellites: Each satellite broadcasts a signal that contains information about its location and the current time. 

  • GPS tracking device: This is typically installed in a vehicle or object, receives signals from at least four of these satellites. By comparing the signals, the device can determine its precise location. 

  • Data transmission: The GPS tracking device then transmits its location data, along with other information, to a server or cloud-based platform via a cellular or satellite network. 

  • Data processing: The server or platform receives the location data from the GPS tracking device and processes it into a usable format, such as a real-time location dashboard. 

  • User access: The user can then access this information via a web-based dashboard or a mobile app, which allows them to monitor the location of the vehicle or object in real-time, set up alerts for specific events, such as geofencing, and generate reports based on historical data. 

Our GPS tracking allows you to track the location of vehicles in your fleet regardless of its size and gives you the ability to see patterns of both good driving and poor driving such as: 

  • Harsh accelerating. 

  • Harsh breaking. 

  • Speeding. 

This opens the opportunity to improve your drivers’ behaviour and safety on the road along with business reputation. By tracking your drivers, you can also see where fuel usage is affected by poor driving and route planning which allows you to save money which, in turn, reduces operational costs. 

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The Cost of GPS Vehicle Tracking

We strive to offer the most advanced technology with our vehicle tracking services, at the best price possible, so you can be assured that you are getting great value for your money when you choose to partner with RAM. When you subscribe to our GPS vehicle tracker, you will gain access to a range of standard features, including:  

  • GPS vehicle tracking unit (one per vehicle) 

  • Free installation of the tracking unit into the vehicle of your choice at a location to suit you. 

  • Access to the RAM Tracking portal for reporting, location, and analysis tools. 

  • Free easy-to-understand training to ensure you are comfortable with the interface and reporting features. 

  • Fleet management reminders and notifications. 

As part of our commitment to providing excellent service, we offer unlimited training to ensure you are comfortable with the RAM technology. Our team will guide you through the different sections, help you learn the most important elements to your business and ensure you’re utilising our product to make the most of your subscription. 

When including the automated reporting, the time saved in hours makes out system unrivalled in the return on investment. Average customer savings are £300 per vehicle per month far outweighing the cost of vehicle tracking starting at under £10 per month. 

Man on the phone with his car in the background broken down.

The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking not only grants you peace of mind, but also means your drivers know that they are always protected and in direct communication with fleet managers. The benefits of vehicle tracking are unique to your business’ needs, but the core elements of GPS trackers cover all bases. 

Should your drivers need support when on the road, they can contact you through the app provided to them to discuss: 

  • Route planning when a problem occurs. 

  • Immediate communication should an incident occur. 

  • Where their next job will be. 

GPS vehicle tracking provides both peace of mind and operational benefits for businesses operating fleets of vehicles. With the ability to communicate directly with drivers, regardless of if you want to install a car tracker or direct a delivery driver safely. You can optimise your fleet operations. 

Our Mission

Our core objective is to provide businesses with the support they need to introduce vehicle tracking software regardless of their fleet size, so they can, in turn, save money across all their operations. 

A key element of any business is saving money and, fuel consumption is a huge expense for businesses of any nature.  

Whether it be a GPS tracker for a car, van or lorry, these trackers allow you to monitor their location in real time meaning you can provide them with the shortest routes to reduce fuel spend

We also offer free discounted fuel cards on certain packages which contribute to further fuel savings

One of the key benefits of vehicle tracking is the ability to increase productivity. With real-time tracking and reporting, you can monitor a fleet's movements and identify inefficiencies or delays, meaning you can take corrective action and optimise operations. By reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving customer service, you can achieve a significant advantage over close competition. 


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